New and improved wage structure unveiled for workers in the education sector

The new improved salary structure for the education sector has been unveiled.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the new improved salary structure for employees in the education sector, during a televised address to the public on Sunday.

As such, the President announced significant salary increases for teachers and other education sector personnel.

The decision to ensure that education sector personnel receive an appropriate salary was announced in the presidential address at the opening session of this year’s People’s Majlis on February 3.

During his presidential address, President Solih called his decision crucial for nation building.

The President added that the introduction of the new and improved salary structure for the education sector marks an important step in the administration’s commitment to ensuring better salaries for all workers who contribute to national progress.

Shedding light on his administration’s efforts in harmonizing salaries at all levels, President Solih noted that the studies necessary for the development of the new salary structure for workers in the health sector are currently underway. .

He added that completing wage harmonization efforts would improve wages across all sectors.

In addition, he described his administration’s decision to introduce and implement a minimum wage as a significant achievement in his commitment to promote and protect workers’ rights, alongside raising wages in the construction sector. education.

The President went on to stress that the administration remains committed to ensuring a better life for the entire population to the best of its ability.

President Solih also shared additional details on salary increases for teachers and other education sector personnel.

According to the president, the new changes will help resolve challenges in bringing in qualified principals to work in schools outside the Greater Male region.

William M. Mayer